Title: Poetry Collection for Spring 2012     

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Title: Other Poems    (addional Collection for Summer 2010)

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Title: The Rectory Dog
Publisher: Stonebridge
Pages: 91
ISBN: 1 902410 33 5

Back Cover Blurb:

It’s the humour, the humanity, the truly delicious irony, the wit…which has a genuine metaphysical touch – all this makes his poems very, very attractive. They’re serious too, but have a lovely light touch that Kavanagh always held is the mark of true poetry. - Brendan Kennelly

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Title: A Narrow Escape
Publisher: Stonebridge
Pages: 77
ISBN: 1 902410 37 8


‘Now comes A Narrow Escape, full of sharp humour, deep insight and witty, pithy comments on the state of the world and everyone in it.’

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Both these books are hand bound and are available through the author.