Frank Kelly, ‘Father Jack’, launched Slices of Life, a collection of short stories on Wednesday 11th September. There was a wonderful atmosphere and great fun at the launch. Frank read one of the stories ‘William’. The author read the first half of ‘The Dinner Party’and told the audience that when they were home they could read the second half for themselves.

Frank Kelly, Bairbre his wife and the Author

Some of the stories in ‘Slices of Life’:
‘Dinner Out’; A married woman on an evening out with an old flame reflects on what might have been.
‘Aunt Frances’; A woman going to live in France leads to an unlikely burial in the public cemetery of an Irish provincial town.
‘The Dinner Party’; A stunning surprise breaks up a post economic crash dinner party.
‘Breganmore’;  The second coming of Christ occurs in an Irish rural village.

You’ve never read such a diverse collection of Short Stories in your life.

The Author and Frank

A couple of days after the launch I received the following e-mail:

Dear Patrick
Congratulations on writing a very enjoyable book
I really enjoyed your book launch and love the book
Could I order 2 more copies for a birthday present ?
Only problem is the party is next Friday ?
Many thanks

For details of the book and to read the first story ‘Ted’ click on ‘Short Stories’ on the menu at the top of the Home Page’. 
You can order the book from the author at semple.patrick006@gmail.com the publishers:  info@codegreenpublishing.com , Amazon or the other online bookstores mentioned.        

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