‘Curious Cargo’

On 11th December Bill O’Herlihy, RTE TV sports presenter, launched ‘Curious Cargo’ a travelogue about voyages that Hilary and I made on freighters to the West Indies, South and Central America and into the Mediterranean. Click on ‘Travel’ on the main website for a full account of the book.

Bill O’Herlihy launching ‘Curious Cargo’

The quickest and cheapest way to buy copies of this book and the novel ‘Transient Beings’ published in October, is by e-mailing: semple.patrick006@gmail.com . They may also be bought from the publisher, Code Green Publishers and from the online bookstores mentioned on the main website.  Both books  cost € 10 excluding postage. They can be ordered by local bookstores by quoting the title, author and publisher.

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